About US

    Moon Star Seeds Stores is worldwide specialist in the export of agricultural commodities, Such as all kinds of Vegetable Seeds, Beans, Forage Seeds, Bird Seeds, Spices, Dried Red Roses, Chilly Seeds, Dry Nuts and OEM Services
    Moon Star Seeds Pays equal attention to each client and provide the same service for every client. Moon Star Seeds was established in 1980 started worke as local basis, and since 2002 started its work on the International level.
    Moon Star Seeds Stores offering excellent service 24x7.
    Moon Star Seeds Stores is known in Pakistan because of its quality.
    Moon Star Seeds Stores providing privacy to its each and every customer and the goods are supplied by Moon Star Seeds they are incomparable from any other supplier.
    Moon Star Seeds Stores Since-1980.

    Our Vision


    Moon star seeds  is a trademark of excellence and reliability; providing the best quality seeds which is our passion .we struggle and strive with the highest level of classic services with maximum sincerity , fairness and professionalism to all our most valued customers.

    Our Mission


    Our Hallmark is professionalism and teamwork, our most efficient ability is to respond effectively towards rapidly changing factors and trade affairs including all other aspects of modern  technology , culture and environment .At our organization we have created results oriented and stimulating work environment , which motivates , recognizes and rewards achievements at all levels because in God we believe and in people we trust .